Wireless Security

Imagine not only having peace of mind knowing your boat is secure with the GOST Phantom Boat Alarm and Vessel Tracking System (Monitoring) installed, but also being able to turn the lights on and off while away or start the ice chipper in your bait well long before you arrive for your sport fishing excursion. That's only part of it...

GOST Phantom Boat Alarms and Vessel Monitoring Systems are all in one wireless boat alarm systems that combine high security and yacht tracking applications with ease of use and unique consumer features including a designer look you would never associate with boat security. 

The GOST Phantom Ship Security and Yacht Tracking System's wireless sensors monitor and help prevent intrusion, high water, AC power loss, low battery voltage and more. 

Should any of the Phantom's wireless sensors be triggered, it will call you and play a recorded voice message of the event. 

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