Vessel Tracking

Our vessel tracking solutions alert owners in the event of high water in the bilge, low battery voltage, loss of shore power, smoke or intrusion on the vessel. Wireless relays can be added to control any AC or DC powered devices onboard with a key fob or remotely over the phone. 

That's not all.  Call the vessel a few hours ahead to turn on the air conditioning or start the ice maker so it’s full when a day of fishing is planned. These relays can also be used to activate an external siren and even flash the vessel’s lights when intrusion is detected. 

High Definition surveillance offers local and remote access to cameras on the vessel, using any computer with an internet connection or Smart Phone. The system can also record snap shots and video clips to the website in the event of motion detection, or a specific event, and send text messages or emails with the clip to users. Users can also login to the website to view snap shots or video clips as well as watch live streaming video off the vessel. The Insight HD now features the new GOST Phantom head unit as the main control unit for system, which also includes the built in quad band GPRS/GSM Module. 

Vessel Tracking Vendors & Partners