Marine Security

Shipping industry leaders agree that the proper solution to security is going to be technology based.  

A demand for higher security measures has been evident since 2002 and with the increase of attacks at sea there is a greater possibility of future port-based attacks.  Advanced warning of an impending threat is clearly the solution and Voyager Maritime Alliance Group is already providing the state-of-the-art early detection system needed to fight this ongoing battle.

We Make It Easy

We work with multiple suppliers, integrating numerous pieces of equipment, and interfacing everything with reliable software. With over 18 years of experience in marine electronics you can be assured of a fully integrated, reliable system whether you have a fleet of commercial ships, a luxury yacht or military vessels.

Cross-Vessel Security Points

A great feature of the security system is the ability to arm two separate partitions. This allows users to have two independent security systems in one, allowing individual arming/ disarming of separate areas of the vessel. This can be particularly handy if the vessel owner wants to have the crew quarters and engine room independent from the rest of the vessel or however you wish to configure it.

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