Marine Navigation

Navigation is the heart and soul of sea-faring life. Long before we had the ease and convenience of electronics, sailors relied upon the sun, the moon and the stars.  Romantic? Yes. Practical? Sometimes. Reliable? Only to a three-mile (5 km) radius, while a satellite-linked computer can pinpoint a ship within 60 feet (18 m).  

Our core competencies include bridge equipment design and manufacture and the design, installation and commissioning of complete bridge systems.  Our utilized products continue to deliver the ultimate in both performance and reliability. The multifunction MantaDigital™ workstation is at the core of our product range, this is a multi-function display platform, which can host Radar, ECDIS and conning functionality on a wide-screen display surface. This can provide a very cost-effective solution as each workstation can act as instantaneous backup to any other.

SharpEye™ solid-state Radar transceivers complete the picture giving the ultimate in radar performance combined with lowest through-life costs. This in combination with the three year warranty offered on all manufactured products has to be the "best Radar in the world".  Combined with an unrivalled product offering, our global service network ensures that you can get the service you need wherever you need it.

Equipment Categories

Navigation equipment is typically split into the following categories and within each of these categories there are even more choices:
  • Charting
  • Radar
  • GPS
  • AIS
  • Instruments


Navigation Vendors & Partners