Kaleidescape Entertainment

The ultimate entertainment experience in an environment you control: Enjoy music throughout the ship or just the room you’re in with one touch. Experience a movie with digital surround sound. Listen to your favorite CDs entertaining guests on the deck while the kids play video games in the media room.

Gone are the days of searching for lost DVDs or looking through stacks of Blu-ray Discs. The Kaleidescape System beautifully presents your entire collection onscreen and makes it easy to find any movie in seconds. You can also browse your film library in new and exciting ways that will truly change the way that you enjoy movies.

To ensure seamless integration into even the most sophisticated viewing environments, the Kaleidescape System fluently communicates with all popular home automation and control systems. 

  • Choose Great Movies In Moments
  • Enjoy Movies In Exciting New Ways
  • Share Movies With the Entire Family
  • Create an Incredible Movie Library
  • Control Your Movie Experience
  • Listen to Music: The Kaleidescape Way

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