Ship to Shore

Our answer to market needs is a broadband network infrastructure onboard the vessels, bringing ship-to-shore operational and social communications to the broadband IP era.

Safety and efficiency of navigation have become increasingly dependent upon IT-based communication and with increasing demands to enhance crew welfare onboard the vessels, the need to bring the IT network environment onboard the vessels has risen.  


  • A wide variety of maritime broadband communication services available
  • Simultaneous access to voice and high-speed data communications
  • Global coverage provided through three Inmarsat-4 satellites (except for polar regions)
  • IP handset and IP-PBX incorporated
  • Multiple IP handsets can be incorporated into the network by using the Ethernet hub
  • Wireless IP phones can be utilized (wireless LAN access points required)
  • Integrated Web server
  • Simplified installation through a compact antenna unit with a diameter of around 60 cm, weighing around 20 kg
  • Communication Unit supporting all major communication systems carrying ports to facilitate plug-and-play system integration
  • Built-in NAT router facilitates smooth network integration to the Internet

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